My Work

I am a product leader at Vrbo. After a couple of stints at (interesting!) start-ups, I discovered my passion for product management, mobile technology, and ultimately the travel industry at Vrbo, building mobile products for Vrbo’s partners and travelers. At Vrbo, I am passionate about crafting delightful, impactful shopping experiences for travelers on Vrbo’s iOS app, Android app, and websites around the world.

My Product Blog

I’ve started writing a blog. It’s an accumulation of thoughts about product management topics that people have either asked me face-to-face or on the web. It’s called Teach Me How 2 Product. Check it out if you’d like to learn more about product management, or if you’d just like to see how I think.

My Photo Portfolio

I also really enjoy photography as part of my traveling and just generally experiencing life. I’ve posted a lot of stuff on Instagram. You can find the full resolution version of those photos in the portfolio section. Have a look around, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them.